Saturday, February 12, 2011

on line critiques

For some reason I was reluctant to post the names of the critique sites I am using. The original one I used was Critique Circle and I would like to use again if I can get my password from them. I have been using Scribophile for a month or two. It seems like a good site, but a reluctance to critque longer pieces of 3000 words or more or could be my writing. Though, I did get a good critique this morning. I signed up a couple of days ago for Zoetrope. I was given a subscription for Zoetrope magazine for Christmas and I really like the content. Apparently, if one receives enough good reviews you can win prizes or get published in the magazine, which would be great. I'm going with the play version of my story which is what it is supposed to be instead of short stories like on Scribophile, because Zoetrope takes screenplays and plays for publication which is unique. Scribophiles will critique plays, but I want to submit the short stories for publication. I think the play version is much stronger than the short story form, since that's what it is intended to be. Let's see how it goes.

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