Sunday, August 21, 2011


Still working on my 10 minute comedy play. Hearing lots about pods lately and how it is being iinundated with comedians. Also had the fringe festival here in boulder which has lots of monologes (monolinguists?). I am interested in possbile putting together a monologue and seeing where it goes. I reading swimming to cambodia right now and have it on my netflix list so I will see if it seems to be a good thing for me or just a diversion when I should focus on the plays.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


2 vacations later I feel revived and ready to write. I submitted my technophobe play on the sponsor's site. They have previously stated that once I signed up I would get mucho reminders and I didn't receive any, which makes me suspect somehow their email isn't getting by my span filter. That will be my excuse if I don't hear from them about this submission.
I'm working on a another 10 minute play that is fun to do. Its suppose to be comedy and I like the way its coming together so far.