Sunday, May 22, 2011


The writing group I was in shut down because of health issues with the founder. It's interesting how these things come and go. My playwriting class also ended last week. I didn't even go because I was running so late it would have been a rude entrance. I'm working on a play monologue despite just reading a warning to never write one. I was inspired by Neil Labute's Wrecks, which I found amazing despite (again) a truly disturbing ending.

There are adult acting classes in the area and I might try out a couple. It's $25 per class and it might help me feel comfortable enough for an audition so I can try to feel my way around the theatre scene. Probably a dead end, but what the hey? I saw a audition for a Labute play that I loved reading called the Mercy Seat. I just want to see the play when it comes out. Cool stuff.

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