Sunday, March 27, 2011


Went to my first playwriting class. It was a good experience and I look forward to more. I was running late from taking our new dog to the vet that we got from the dumb friend's league. We want to be a one car family and so every once in a while that causes some inconvenience. Brought my laptop-no need. We sit around a big table and talk, which I am very comfortable with being a grad student for so freaking long. Read a really excellent one act play. Seems like interesting people in the group and the teacher is really good-he can roll with just about any kind in input and sounds like theatre has been his life. My stuff is pretty raw, so reactions could be fun. I took about 2 weeks off from writing and feel renewed. I want to write and feel like I dont have enough time again. Tell you about a project I am working on besides the play next time or sometime.

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